Bagan Art Tour - "Creation of Art"

Outdoor drawing and a look into the local art scene in Myanmar's historic wonder.



Day 1


Since Yangon was colonized by the British as early as 19th century A.D, you can discover the ancient British architecture at the antique buildings within downtown Yangon. Some of them are already recognized as UNESCO Heritage. Myanmar is a country with people of different religions and thus it would be interesting for you to witness the coexistence of diverse religious buildings such as Temple, Mosque, Church and Pagoda, in a same place in the heart of downtown Yangon. You will also enjoy Myanmar food which is just like a fusion of Indian and China foods as Myanmar is existing between these two big countries.

As an introduction to the culture of Myanmar, you will be exploring famous Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the wonders of the world and the landmark of Myanmar on this day. The traditional religious way of paying homage to the pagoda by native Myanmar people can be experienced and also the various shops selling flowers and ornaments, accessories and various offerings to the pagada can be found for your interest.

Day 2



You will be leaving for Bagan by morning flight and will be starting your tour of the life time in the “Land of Pagodas”, or “the Wonder of Myanmar”. Upon arrival, there will be a half day tour as a brief introduction to you the ancient glamourous atmosphere of Bagan. Afterwards, it is the time for dine and wine at a local restaurant and to enjoy watching unique performances of Myanmar marionette. You can discover authentic Myanmar foods and snacks and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Bagan with asian and western restaurants, bar bistros, art galleries and arts & crafts shops at your leisure time.

Day 3


Sightseeing and Outdoor Drawing (Optional: Hot Air Balloon riding)

Experience the Hot Air Balloon ride in the morning and enjoy the panoramic bird eye view of majestic Bagan and its neighbourhoods (Optional). Your program today will be followed by a day tour during which you will be exploring the uniqueness of Bagan, the capital city of First Myanmar Dynasty, witness the amazing architectural skill of ancient Myanmar people at thousand years old temples and their longlasting murals on the walls. You can also catch up with authentic beauties of Myanmar Arts & Crafts during the tour. Among the others, Bagan Archeological Museum would be a destination for you to find out the history of first Myanmar Kingdom and to well understand the birth and existence of Myanmar Art.

You will enjoy your first outdoor drawing in Bagan in the evening at Nan Myint Tower. Create the paintings of panoramic Bagan seen from high tower under the evening sun. It would be just an appetizer for your drawings following the rest of the tour.

Day 4


Outdoor Drawing and Study Tour on Myanmar Lacquerware

Under the beautiful morning sun, enjoy outdoor drawing, capturing the beauty of ancient pagodas by your artwork together with native artists. In the evening, you will be moving on for a study tour to discover Lacquerware Productions. Various Lacquerware shops and workshops are at your disposal to explore and you will be discovering a number of steps of producing Myanmar authentic lacquerware. For your life time memory, you are going to be creating one by yourself, assisted by the native craftsmen, to be a souvenir for you when you return home. Your program today will end with outdoor drawing under the evening sun of Bagan.

Day 5


Sand Painting and Photography Tour

Sand Painting is one of the attractions of Bagan as it is uniquely developed by the native artists and, this morning, you will be exploring the artistic sand paintings and how they are created at the sand painting shops. To capture the scenic beauties of Bagan and its neighbourhoods as much as possible, there will be a photography tour in the evening. These photos will be an essential assets for you to do paintings when you reach back home. Photos of Bagan under sunset are one of a kind to create and share with your loved ones.

Day 6

Mt. Popa (one hour drive from Bagan)

 Visit Mt. Popa and outdoor drawing

Enjoy a mountain expedition to Mt. Popa (50 km southwest of Bagan), an extinct volcano last active 250,000 years ago. Feel the nice and cold weather, see the beautiful
sceneries and taste the fresh local fruits there. To create different paintings from the ones created previously within Bagan, this time is for you to do outdoor drawing on Mt. Popa with different view and different subjects. Create your own artwork of Mt. Popa Taung Kalat under the evening sun. Have fun, relax and enjoy painting on a mountain.

Day 7

Bagan - Yangon departure