Coastal Myanmar Tour

Experience the best of Myanmar coast areas and tropical beaches.



Day 1: Arrvial

Yangon Sightseeing


Since “Yangon” was colonized by the British as early as 19th century A.D, you can discover the ancient British architecture at the antique buildings within downtown Yangon. Some of them are already recognized as UNESCO Heritage. Discover the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda, the landmark of Myanmar. Myanmar is a country with people of different religions and thus it would be interesting for you to witness the coexistence of diverse religious buildings such as Temple, Mosque, Church and Pagoda, in a same place in the heart of downtown Yangon. You will also enjoy Myanmar food which is just like a fusion of Indian and China foods as Myanmar is existing between these two big countries.

Day 2: Yangon - Kawthaung

Kawthaung Sightseeing

Leaving for “Kawthaung” by flight and reach to the very southern part of Myanmar with full of adventurous activities and remote islands for your memorable coastal tour. Enjoy half day sightseeing tour around Kawthaung.

Day 3: Kawthaung - Pila Island

Crystal clear beaches at Mergui Archipelago

Speed boat trip to Pila Island

Free and leisure at the hotel in the morning before departing for Pila Island by speed boat for your relaxation at Sumptuous Island Resort in the Mergui Archipelago (80 km, two and half hour by speed boat)

Day 4 & 5: Pila Island

Fun & leisure activities

Activities for fun and leisure

Enjoy followings to have fun and leisure throughout your stay at the island.

  • Aqua : Diving, Snorkelling, Kayaking
  • Jungle : Trekking, Hiking, Bird Watching
  • Pampering : Spa Treatments, Beach Massages
  • Cultural : Fishing, Visit & lunch in a traditional house at the Moken village
  • Gourmet : Campfire BBQ dinner, Sunset cocktail on private yacht or traditional boat, picnic on the beach, Cooking classes

Day 6: Pila Island - Kawthaung - Yangon

Yangon Departure