Heritage Myanmar Tour

A 7 day cultural journey through three of Myanmar's most significant destinations.



Day 1: Arrival

Yangon Sightseeing

Since “Yangon” was colonized by the British as early as 19th century A.D, you can discover the ancient British architecture at the antique buildings within downtown Yangon. Some of them are already recognized as UNESCO Heritage. Discover the magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda, the landmark of Myanmar. Myanmar is a country with people of different religions and thus it would be interesting for you to witness the coexistence of diverse religious buildings such as Temple, Mosque, Church and Pagoda, in a same place in the heart of downtown Yangon. You will also enjoy Myanmar food which is just like a fusion of Indian and China foods as Myanmar is existing between these two big countries.

Day 2: Yangon - Bagan

Explore among magnificent pagodas of Bagan

Leave for Bagan by morning flight. Experience the “Nyaung U” Local Market to discover local products of the tropical land of Myanmar and the living style of native people. Explore the majestic beauty of thousand years old Pagodas in the heart of Myanmar. Enjoy the typical Myanmar entertainments with traditional dances and marionette shows.

Day 3: Bagan - Mandalay

Ayarwaddy River Cruise

River Cruise (200 km, 12 hours)

Enjoy river cruise inside the famous “Ayarwaddy” river, or the Heart of Myanmar, from Bagan to Mandalay. Immerse yourself enjoying the beauty of “Ayarwaddy” and  discovering the daily lifestyle of native people residing at the small towns along the river banks.

Day 4: Mandalay - Amarapura

Walk along the romantic "U Bein Bridge"

Take a walk on an iconic place in Amarapura “U Bein Bridge” (the long wooden bridge built 200 years ago). Explore Mandalay, the last city of Myanmar Kingdom, with its authentic national heritages including Golden Palace. Indulge yourself with the panoramic view of Mandalay under the rays of setting sun on Mandalay Hill, shopping and exploring at Craftsmen’s quarter to discover Myanmar’s handmade arts and crafts and to interact with local community.

Day 5: Mandalay - Inle - Indein

Explore the ruins of the Indein complex

Take a morning flight to “Heho” before proceeding to “Nyaung Shwe” (28 km, one hours’ drive) to start your unforgettable private boat tour inside the iconic “Inle Lake” leading to the islands and lakeshore villages to see the floating gardens, water hyacinth, leg-rowing “Inthas” and colorful floating market. ​Paddle through lakeside villages and then marvel at the crumbling ruins of the Indein complex.

Day 6: Inle Lake

A traditional boat tour in Inle Lake

 Boat Tour on Inle Lake

Enjoy your day tour again inside the “Inle Lake”, moving through panoramic landscapes, discovering Pa-Oh and Danu women in colorful traditional dresses and their ethnic villages. Taste the exquisite and exotic cuisines of “Inthas” by joining the cooking class(optional). Visit silver-craft shops and lotus weaving villages, discover the delicate creation of silverwares and unique style of lotus weaving.

Day 7: Departure

Yangon Departure