Yangon Art Tour - "Inspiration of Art"

Experience Yangon's thriving art scene and collaborate the with artists during this 7-day tour package of Myanmar's capital.



Day 1

Arrival and Sightseeing

Since Yangon was colonized by the British as early as 19th century A.D, you can discover the ancient British architecture at the antique buildings within downtown Yangon. Some of them are already recognized as UNESCO Heritage. Myanmar is a country with people of different religions and thus it would be interesting for you to witness the coexistence of diverse religious buildings such as Temple, Mosque, Church and Pagoda, in a same place in the heart of downtown Yangon. You will also enjoy Myanmar food which is just like a fusion of Indian and China foods as Myanmar is existing between these two big countries.

As an introduction to the culture of Myanmar, you will be exploring famous Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the wonders of the world and the landmark of Myanmar on this day. The traditional religious way of paying homage to the pagoda by native Myanmar people can be experienced and also the various shops selling flowers and ornaments, accessories and various offerings to the pagada can be found for your interest.

Day 2

Outdoor Drawing and Galleries Visit

It would be a lifetime memory for you to experience the peace and tranquility inside the scenic Kandawgyi Park with a big lake and to enjoy outdoor drawing together with the local artists, painting panoramic view of Shwedagon pagoda under the rays of morning sun light seen across the lake from a distance. Afterwards, just to gasp an idea for Myanmar art as an initial stage and to enjoy discovering different styles of paintings by local artists, you will join a half day tour to various galleries within Yangon.

Day 3

Trip to Twante

Explore local pottery works and rural life style of Myanmar

Today, you can stay away from city life and indulge yourself in a rural vicinity of outskirt of Yangon. You will be traveling in the morning to a small town called Twante, approximately 2 hours’ drive from Yangon to study local pottery works. Twante is a small town famous for its tradition of producing earthen pots for living. There, you can also discover the village life style of local people by exploring around a village by foot or riding on a bicycle. It would be interesting and a happy memory for you to have some interactions with native villagers.

Day 4

Trip to Dala

Explore National Museum and a short trip to Dala (15 minutes by ferry boat) for an evening outdoor drawing. National Museum of Myanmar will be a first stop for you today to explore National History, Art, Treasures & Heritages of Myanmar. You will be discovering ancient instruments, clothings, weapons, utilities of late Myanmar Kings made up with gold and jewelries. There will also be antique paintings, musical instruments and other national treasures for you to explore.

After the lunch, to witness the developments in awareness and practices of responsible business, trying to save our Planet Earth, you will be exploring Chu Chu Recycle Art Shop at Dala that transforms wastes into souvenirs and utilities for mankind. You will be crossing the river by a ferry boat and riding on Myanmar style trishaws during this short trip to Dala.

Afterwards, it is time for you to enjoy evening outdoor drawing. You will be on the river bank of Yangon river facing towards Yangon City at the other bank of river and painting the skyline of the city or the boats and vessels transporting passengers in the river under your eye.

Day 5

Yangon Galleries visit and outdoor drawing

To discover more of Myanmar style art creations & traditional art works or to buy some paintings for your collection, you will be exploring some more galleries in downtown Yangon in the morning.

In the evening it is time for you again for outdoor drawing. This time, it would be inside historic Sule Park, the symbol of Independence, and enjoy painting to the beauties of british colonial style buildings including City Hall. Magnificently beautiful Sule Pagoda would also be a subject for your painting if you are keen to capture the ancient Myanmar architectural style.

Day 6

Kyaikto (Golden Rock Pagoda)

Visit Golden Rock Pagoda and Indoor Drawing

Today, you will be on a tour to Kyaikto, a small town 219 km south of Yangon, about four and half hour drive by car, to find out miracles of Golden Rock Pagoda positioning amazingly up on the tip of the mountain cliff. It is one of the famous pagodas in Myanmar and thus it is a chance for you to experience Buddhist way of paying homage to the pagoda by the different people from the various parts of Myanmar. To reach to the pagod up on the mountain, you can climb up by car or by cable car or, if weather permitted, by soft trek.

In the evening, you can take a good rest in a garden hotel at the foot of the mountain. There you can do indoor drawing inside the drawing hall of the hotel reserved for you. This time, you may want to paint your interested subject photographed previously throughout the tour. You can enjoy your time as your own will, undisturbed and uninterrupted while painting.

Day 7


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