Yangon Art Tour

Experience Yangon's thriving art scene and collaborate the with artists during this 5-day tour package of Myanmar's capital.



Day 1: Arrival

Yangon Sightseeing

●       Sightseeing

Being an ancient city of Myanmar and later colonized by the British as early as in the 19th century A.D, Yangon is a city where you can discover the western architectural buildings and eastern cultural heritages together in a same place, an ideal location for photography and outdoor drawing.

In the afternoon of the very first day of your visit, our program for you starts with exploring Hla Day, a shop where you can buy a variety of handmade and recycled products, traditional dresses, bags and accessories which are beautifully created. Sustainability is our paramount commitment and Hla Day is one of the ideal destinations throughout our program.

In the evening, as an introduction to the culture of Myanmar, you will be exploring famous Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the wonders of the world and the landmark of Myanmar. The traditional religious way of paying homage to the pagoda by native Myanmar people can be experienced and also the various vendors selling flowers and ornaments, accessories and offerings to the pagoda can be found to be your keen interest.

Day 2: Yangon

Outdoor Drawing and Galleries Visit

●       Outdoor Drawing and Galleries Visit

Our Art Tour program is designed to contribute to the community development of Art industry in Myanmar by acquiring international exposure and generating income to the stakeholders of the industry. Our ideal concept of outdoor drawings for you together with local artists is to widen your social network in art community, to explore the style, skill and perception of Myanmar artists, to do friendly discussions and to exchange ideas and concepts.

In the morning, you will create sweet memories of outdoor drawings together with local artists, drawing a panoramic view of Shwedagon Pagoda under the rays of morning sun seen across the lake from a distance, inside the peaceful Kandawgyi Park.

After the outdoor drawing, you will be proceeding to LinkAge, a vocational training restaurant for your lunch with Myanmar traditional cuisines. You can also enjoy the paintings displayed inside the restaurant. Linkage Restaurant is a social project as well as a link to Forever Humanitarian & Development Projects, a volunteer group founded in 2010 and it is in line with our zealous endeavors on Sustainable Tourism.

In the evening, just to grab an idea for Myanmar art and to enjoy discovering different styles of paintings by local artists, you will join a  half day tour to various art galleries within Yangon. Realism, Modern and Contemporary styles of Art are available to be explored and it will  be an ideal to interact with gallery owners and their member artists during your visits.

Day 3: Yangon - Dala - Yangon

Sidecar Ride in Dala

●       Explore National Museum and a short trip to Dala (15 minutes by ferry boat) for an evening outdoor drawing

The National Museum of Myanmar will be a first stop for you in the morning to explore National History, Art, and Treasures & Heritages of Myanmar. You will be discovering ancient instruments, clothing, weapons, utilities of late Myanmar Kings made up with gold and jewelry. There will also be antique paintings, musical instruments and other national treasures for you to explore.

After lunch, to witness the developments in awareness and practices of responsible business or sustainability, trying to save our Planet Earth, you will be exploring Chu Chu Recycle Art Shop at Dala that transforms wastes into souvenirs and utilities. You will be crossing the river by ferry boat and riding on a Sidecar (Myanmar style trishaw) during this short trip to Dala. You can  witness the rural life style of Dala natives while on the ferry boat crossing the Yangon River and riding on the Sidecar on the way to Chu Chu Recycle Shop.

Afterwards, it is time for you to enjoy evening outdoor drawing. You will be on the river bank of Yangon river, the opposite site of Yangon City, and painting the skyline of the city or the boats and vessels transporting passengers in the river right in front of your eyes.

Day 4: Yangon

Visit to outskirts of Yangon

●       Sidecar tour, Galleries visit and outdoor drawing

In the morning, you will enjoy a ride around the outskirts of Yangon on a Sidecar visiting the various art workshops and studios by native arts and craft people. You will also be exploring life style of native people staying on the outskirts of Yangon and find out how they are creating artworks.

After the lunch, To discover more about Myanmar artworks or, if you are desirous, to acquire some of them for your personal collection, you will be exploring some more galleries in downtown Yangon. Oil paintings, watercolour paintings, acrylic paintings in realism, impressionism and expressionism styles will be discoverable for you to enjoy.

In the evening, it is time for you again for outdoor drawing. This time, it will be inside historic Sule Park, the symbol of Independence, and enjoy painting to the beauties of British colonial style buildings including City Hall, Rowe Company building and Immanuel Baptist Church. Magnificent beauty of Sule Pagoda will also be a subject for you if you are keen to capture the distinctive features of ancient Myanmar architecture in religious style.

Day 5: Departure

Yangon Departure

●       Free and easy and departure