Corona Virus (Covid-19) Company Policy

Posted on Fri April 3, 2020.

"We can't wait to welcome you back"

                             Corona Virus (Covid – 19) Company Policy

The rapid spread of Covid-19 virus is threatening our lives, safety, economy and well beings. During these tough times, we all need to look out for each other and support as much as we can. We have to protect our families, colleagues, neighbors and also our travellers. This impromptu policy has been set in our company to ensure that our travellers get the right information at the right time. 

What we are doing for travellers with existing bookings

If you want to postpone or cancel your travel plans, we are working for you 24/7 via email ([email protected])

For cancellations due to virus outbreak, we (Wazo Travels) do not charge any cancellations fees however some airline and hotels may charge partial cancellation fees since there is no official announcement for them to be closed from the government yet. (As of 03.04.2020)

In this case, we will try our best to negotiate for the lowest cancellation fees.

For postponing your trip, most of the hotels are understanding and will be able to reschedule your trip until Dec 2020. If the outbreak is still happening, we will try to extend the date for you. Unfortunately, airlines will not provide such service so you might have to purchase the tickets again. We will provide assistance for you in that matter with no service fees.

The latest health & safety information

During your trip:

  • Avoid spending time in large crowds or crowded areas.
  • Avoid contact with sick people, especially if they have a cough, fever or difficulty breathing.
  • Be aware of the local situation and follow local public health advice.
  • Monitoring the news
  • Following the instructions of local authorities
  • Know where to find help while you are travelling abroad
  • Save emergency contacts (Embassies, Airlines, and Hospitals etc.)

Visa information into Myanmar

  • Currently all the social visas to Myanmar are restricted until 30.04.2020.
  • Any Myanmar citizens employees working for UN and Myanmar Embassy can apply for entry visa and have to submit medical certificate which is taken within 72 hours prior to the travelling date. Those who have landed will be under Home Quarantine for 14 days.
  • Foreign nationals who are required to visit Myanmar on urgent official mission or for a compelling reason may contact the nearest Myanmar Missions abroad for possible exception on certain entry restrictions from the authorities concerned of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar